galvanized steel fittings and standard for stainless steel and aluminum fittings. Since PVC coated steel duct is coated prior to fabrication, fitting seams are not welded and are mechanically fastened instead. PVC coated duct is normally shipped without sealant, but sealing with PCD #8 duct sealer on the outside of fitting seams is an option.
TDC Ductwork and Fittings SMACNA recommended TDC™ duct is a 4-bolt system with a difference. Instead of cutting, assembling and installing a separate flange onto the ductwork, the TDC flange is ... A straight register boot or PH1 is a major component of an excellent ductwork system. The boot can be fastened to other ducts, including ceiling and wall units, using a nail and screw. Expect to spend about 20 minutes or less installing register boots. When ordering duct or fittings, specify 2, 4, 0, X, Y, Z, S, or N in the * position of the designation. 2. Pressure ranges listed for 2, 4, 0, X, Y, and Z are based on 1995 SMACNA Duct Construction Standards (galvanized only). 3. SMACNA is the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association. Fittings such as tees, elbows, offsets, and transitions may need additional support to avoid undue stress on joints. Equipment such as humidifiers must be separately supported. For duct sizes not exceeding 24" high by 48” wide, Class2" wide by 11/ 2" deep hangers of 22 gauge sheet metal on 4 foot (max.) Located in headquarters outside Washington, D.C., the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA), an international association of union contractors, has 1,834 members in 103 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil. Home About Projects Contact ... Custom Sheet Metal Fabricators. FREE QUOTE. Your local source for SMACNA Compliant rectangular ductwork and fittings. We Would Love to ...
  • double wall rectangular duct and fittings Pro-Fab Sheet Metal’s double wall rectangular duct and fittings provide exceptional noise and thermal control in air handling systems. This double-wall, insulated ductwork is constructed of a solid metal outer pressure shell and a metal inner liner with a layer of insulation sandwiched between.
  • Galvanized Snaplock Pipe. Applicable Standard: UL, SMACNA: End Type: Snap Lock: Gauge: 28: Length: 5 Foot
Commercial Duct Systems rectangular duct and fittings is your HIGH QUALITY choice for commercial construction jobs. Every piece we manufacture meets or exceeds SMACNA standards and project requirements, including LEEDs and green construction standards.

Smacna fittings

A overview of copper tube and pipe covering HVAC/R applications, geothermal heating and cooling technology, manufacturing processes, specification, product inspection, plumbing & drainage & sprinkler systems, corrosion, and much more

size pipe ga. fitting ga. 24 22 20 20 20 20 hamlin coated pipe & fittings spiral pipe and fitting gages for positive pressure except underground all construction standards in accordance with smacna and ashrae standards. hsm is a member of spiral duct manufacturers association (spida). Grease Duct Specification Furnish single-wall, factory built, grease duct for use with Type I kitchen hoods, which conforms to the requirements of NFPA-96. Products shall be ETL listed to UL-1978 and CAN/ULC-S662 for venting air and grease vapors from commercial cooking operations as described in NFPA-96. Spears Manufacturing Parts, Plastic Pipe Fittings, FlameGuard, Valves, Fire Sprinklers, PVC Pipes, Schedule 80, LabWaste Weights & Dimensions Spears® Home Page

Galvanized & Stainless Steel Ductwork. US Duct provides A FULL LINE of standard and special fabricated industrial ducting, including Galvanized ductwork, Stainless steel ductwork and Carbon Steel. Our clamp together ductwork provides easy-to-construct ventilation for equipment manufacturers and contractors. Our standard and special designs can ... Simmons 22 mag scope instructionsVanstone Flanges are a very practical and labor saving method for connecting Spiral duct and Fittings. Van Stone connections consist of a face flange, and a backing flange, with a slip fit over duct.

system's fitting. 1.3 Total Pressure, Velocity Pressure, and Static Pressure . Air flow through a duct system creates three types of pressures: static, dynamic Dec 11, 2018 · SMACNA recommended TDC™ duct is a 4-bolt system with a difference. Instead of cutting, assembling and installing a separate flange onto the ductwork, the TDC flange is roll formed directly onto ...

Included with a high quality standard duct fitting line, duct fittings designed to the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) requirements are available. Elbows angles are manufactured through the use of thermoforming and hot gas welding.

Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) Phenolic Duct Construction Standards and KoolDuct a Brief History. Phenolic foam panels that can be fabricated into duct segments have evolved over the past 25 years with KoolDuct revolutionizing the industry. • Approved to SMACNA Duct Construction Standards and Leak-age Class 3. • 100% Leak Resistant (to 10" W.C.) • SmartSeal Spiral Duct Lengths are 26 gauge Galvanized Steel • SmartSeal Fittings are 24 gauge Galvanized Steel • Fittings & Couplings Have Factory Installed Gasket • Fittings & Couplings Have Hemmed Edge for Strength, Rigidity BHV manufactures a complete line of rectangular duct, fittings, and accessories for the “HVAC” industry, including turning vanes and rail and single and multi-blade control dampers. We also offer specialty fabrications such as louvers, plenums and casings, roof curbs and flashings. If the designer does not designate pressure class for duct construction on the contract drawings, the basis of compliance with the SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards is as follows: 2” (500 Pa) w.g. for all ducts between the supply fan and variable volume control boxes and 1” (250 Pa) w.g. for all other ducts of any application.

We will also examine effective practices for setting up duct fittings and straight lengths for reinforcement through stiffiners (internal, external, or both) on order to comply with SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) and DW/144 specifications guidelines. I'm planning to get the actual fittings pressure loss by using the equivalent lenght - or anybody using Smacna for getting the fittitng loss for duct? Which is more safe to use too for getting fittings pressure loss - ashrae or smacna?

FLAT OVAL DUCT AND FITTINGS. MINNEAPOLIS, MN 5850 Main Street N.E. Minneapolis, MN 55432 LOCALLY CALL: 763-572-0000 TOLL FREE: 1-800-328-1966 FAX: 763-572-1100 ... SMACNA Testing and Research ... The accurate prediction of pressure losses across in-duct fittings is of significance in relation to the accurate sizing and good energy efficiency of air-delivery systems. Current design guides provide design methods and data for the prediction of pressure losses only for a single and isolated fitting. This study presents an investigation of pressure losses across multiple interactive in-duct ... 5.23.31 – HVAC DUCTS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION STANDARD_____ D. Provide balancing dampers at supply, return, and exhaust branches when connected to larger ducts, as required, for air balancing. E. Ductwork taps shall be conical or clinch collar with 45 degree or boot connections. Re: [Request for Feedback] Duct Fitting Content HVAC designs often require a multitude of ductwork fittings. A product such as MEP 2008 ought to at least have every fitting shown in SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor's National Association) HVAC Systems Duct Design manual.

This is the biggest update to the ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database app in years! It includes all of the latest updates that have been incorporated into the desktop version over the past 8 years. It includes loads of new fittings (30+), updates to existing fitting calcs, updated reports, and many other new features. Oct 21, 2007 · The impact of the turning vanes has a lot to do with both the geometry of the fitting and the velocity of the air moving through it. To gain some insight into this, lets consider a 12” square elbow with a 12” centerline radius (i.e. the centerline radius is equal to the duct width) like the one pictured below.

BHV manufactures a complete line of rectangular duct, fittings, and accessories for the “HVAC” industry, including turning vanes and rail and single and multi-blade control dampers. We also offer specialty fabrications such as louvers, plenums and casings, roof curbs and flashings. .

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The specific SMACNA standards require systematic duct reinforcement. When such reinforcement is needed, it should be in accordance with SMACNA or other applicable standards necessary. Duct reinforcement may be necessary either at the ends of a duct section—in the form of duct section connecting joints—and/or at spaced intermediate locations ... Description goes here... Duct Direct 8610 Wallisville Rd. Houston, Texas 77029 Phone: (713)678-8471


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